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Student Technology Crew

The Student Tech Crew is a group of dedicated students who work together to create technology tutorials and resources to help support RCS students and families. This program provides opportunities for increased career-readiness skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving. The STC meets on a regular basis to determine how they can best meet the tech learning needs of our community. 

Student Support Tutorials

Join Student Tech Crew member Sisi as she shares some keyboard shortcuts you can use to make tasks easier while on your Chromebook. 

Meet the 2021 Student Tech Crew

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Sidharth Ajiyhkumar

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Abdlraof Aqeel

Rudolf is a 9th graders at Adams High. He likes to do art, program, edit and 3d model. He want to help his community in any way possible. He enjoys being with his friends and play video games with them.

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Michael-David Papajesk

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Katie Robertson

 I'm in 9th grade and my home school is Adams High School. I like video editing, writing, and playing the flute. I use Video Star, iMovie, and I'm learning how to use Adobe After Effects.

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Alexander Sajdak

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Nuosi Situ

My name is Nuosi Situ (Sisi), I'm from Rochester High School. I think the best thing about technology is it keep us in touch with each other, provide education, and entertainment for the curriculum. If you are book lovers or sports enthusiasts, count me in! 

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Alex Snow

Alex is a freshman at Stoney Creek High School. He likes to write stories and is a Second Class Scout. He enjoys helping others whenever they need it. His favorite things to do in his free time are working on skateboards, longboarding and listening to music. He likes to read a lot. If you are ever in need of a book recommendation, he is happy to share a suggestion.  

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Jake Spencer

I am a 10th grader at Adams High School. I am excited to join the tech crew and be able to help out people with technology. I am very experienced when it comes to working with goggle, and I have coded a few things, such as 2 video games, and my own website. I look forward to working with my fellow student tech crew members.

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Rishi tripathi

Rishi is a senior at Adams High School. He enjoys sharing tech tips with other to help make learning easier. He has moved internationally five times and likes to share what he's learned about the world with others, 

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Andrew Wang

Andrew Wang is currently a junior at Rochester Adams High School. He has a keen passion for business and technology. Andrew joined student tech crew because of he likes the idea of using his technology experience to help others. He is very excited for the future of this program!

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STC is run by Mrs. Rachel Mainero.

Mainero works as an Information Literacy Specialist and holds a M.Ed in Instructional Design and Technology from Wayne State University. She is a Google for Education Certified Educator and Trainer and is currently working on becoming an ISTE Certified Educator. She is passionate about creating opportunities for students to leverage technology in innovative, collaborative, and transformative ways. When she is not creating tech tutorials or working with tech, she likes to explore the outdoors with her two young boys.