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Positivity Project

As a TK-8th Grade Student at Virtual Campus, you have access to a powerful emotional support: The Positivity Project.

The Positivity Project is a daily, 15 minute lesson shared by faculty.  Lessons help students learn more about positive character strengths that will help them become the best version of themselves. Families are invited to extend the learning at home though resources available for each character strength. The Positivity Project is research based and developed by professionals from the fields of education and human service. Students and VC educators learn common character strengths, language, and share in learning that adds to a supportive school culture.  Check out more resources at the Positivity Project Website.

Image of six drawings created by students to represent the school logo at virtual campus

Creativity in Action

To reflect on our Positivity Project trait of "Creativity" last week, Grade 2 Virtual Campus students brainstormed together in breakout rooms via Zoom to create a collaborative design for our Voyager logo.  We couldn't be more proud of our learners and their participatory design process!

To learn more about the Positivity Project, visit their website:

Positivity Project Website