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The Future of Learning is Here!

At Rochester Community Schools Virtual Campus, we design multiple learning pathways that provide students the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. Innovation and technology often go hand-in-hand, and we believe that technology has the power to redefine learning. Students at our school are truly explorers of their own learning adventure. As we reimagine teaching and leverage current technologies, we create adaptive, flexible, and personalized learning environments for our students.

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What separates us from other virtual programs is that Rochester Community Schools' educators personally design, curate, and facilitate the student learning experiences in our classroom communities.

After careful research and observation, we find the Rochester Community Schools' approach stands in stark contrast to the majority of virtual programs who rely on third party instructional software to deliver curriculum. In traditional online formats, teachers are relegated to monitoring roles, whereas our educators build and foster connections for a personalized learning experience.

As a fully accredited transitional kindergarten to Grade 12 community, we provide a legacy of learning experiences and enrichments aligned with state and college ready curriculum. Our secondary pathways allow students to experience the rigor and advanced opportunities only available at select institutions. Access to a diverse range of course offerings expands the opportunity for students to experiment, play, and learn online as digital designers.

At Virtual Campus, learners become thought partners with a diverse pool of peers, enriching their perspectives as members of an interconnected, global society. These opportunities are invaluable in preparing our students for the future creative economy, fostering both the confidence and ability to thrive in the 21st Century.




Elementary Student Voices

Are you wondering what day-to-day life is like for an elementary student at Virtual Campus? Learn more about scheduling and classroom culture.

Hear first hand from our current VC students

Secondary Student Voices

RCS Learning prepares students for today and the future creative economy with adventurous, flexible, and personalized learning opportunities. 

Hear first hand from current and former students




Core Values

The educational foundation at Virtual Campus is built on six Core Values: adventure, community, internationalism, agency, innovation, and personalization.

Student Engagement

Our students experience the ability to balance flexible schedule options with rigorous learning expectations.


As a fully accredited transitional kindergarten to Grade 12 community, we explore rigorous learning experiences and enrichments aligned with the Rochester Community Schools curriculum.

Family Partnerships

We are proud to partner with families to create a warm and caring environment for all learners.