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We are going to spend March is Reading Month celebrating the ways books have impacted our lives. You will hear from teachers, students, and community members sharing their stories of how reading has made a difference in their lives. We encourage you to share your #BecauseOfBooks stories with us. We would love to hear about your favorite authors and books or stories of why you love reading!

Share Your #BecauseOfBooks Story

Information Literacy Specialist and book nerd Mrs. Mainero kickoffs our March is Reading Month celebration by sharing her #BecauseOfBooks story. 

Books Take Us on Journeys! Tune in to hear Mr. Krause share his #BecauseOfBooks story. 

Reading Inspires Creativity! Tune in to hear Mrs. Baljet share her #BecauseOfBooks story. 

Books Are Tangible Memories! Tune in to hear Rochester Hills Public Librarian Betsy Raczkowski share her #BecauseOfBooks story. 

Books Help Us Explore Different Perspectives! Tune in to hear Principal Mr. Frankowiak share his #BecauseOfBooks story. 

Reading opens doors to so many possibilities. Tune in to hear Ms. Wellams share her #BecauseOfBooks story. 

People can help motivate us to be better readers! Tune in to hear Mr. Phelps share his #BecauseOfBooks story. 

Books and storytelling allow us to explore and imagine! Tune in to hear Mr. Kennedy share his #BecauseOfBooks story. 

Reading is a place to find peace. Tune in to hear Mrs. Bedford, School Outreach Librarian at Rochester Hills Public Library, share her #BecauseOfBooks story. 

Comic books can inspire a lifelong love of reading. Tune in to hear Assistant Principal Bryan Lindstrom share his #BecauseOfBooks​ story.

Books help us learn more about the world. Tune in to hear Mrs. Trumble share her #BecauseOfBooks story. 

Books can inspire us to learn, grow, and stay curious. Tune in to hear Mrs. Klemp share her #BecauseOfBooks​ story.

Reading touches our emotions. Tune in to hear Mr. Krupp share his #BecauseOfBooks story. 

Books can teach us lessons. Tune in to hear Ms. Grimm share her #BecauseOfBooks​ story.

Reading can change our lives. Tune in to hear Dr. Mckay share her #BecauseOfBooks story. 

Books bring us together. Tune in to hear Mrs. Blust share her #BecauseOfBooks​ story.

Reading helps us to escape and relax. Tune in to hear Officer Drehmer share her #BecauseOfBooks​ story.

Books allow you to explore faraway places. Tune in to hear Mrs. Rains share her #BecauseOfBooks story.