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Family Tech Support Site

At Virtual Campus, our students are creators of digital content.

The use of technology goes beyond the use of apps as substitutes for written tasks or websites for obtaining knowledge. Starting in the earliest years, students are invited to be designers, remixing hands-on making opportunities with digital tools.  We believe our students must be digitally literate to be able to move creatively into their future careers. Our emphasis is on doing and making, so all students are expected to experiment, play, and learn online as digital citizens.

Family Technology Support

At Virtual Campus, we strive to support students and their families in accessing and operating digital tools at home. As part of that system of supports, we maintain and continuously update a Family Technology Support website.  If you have ideas for technology supports that might be helpful, contact Julie Rains, Instructional Technology Program Consultant. 

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Two boys look at an ipad while their two parens look at a computer