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Our Core Values

The educational foundation at Virtual Campus is built on six Core Values: adventure, community, internationalism, agency, innovation, and personalization.  Reflective of best practice research from Harvard Graduate School of EducationMIT, Stanford, and Teacher's College amongst others, the Core Values provide a common language shared by all educators on campus. With these ideas in mind, our VC faculty design educational opportunities and participate together as a community of thinkers and learners. 

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Adventurous learning opportunities create a culture and environment rich with curiosity. Our students playfully explore new places and ideas, taking risks to discover new challenges. In the process, learners push themselves beyond their perceived limits, demonstrating tenacity to discover their true potential. 


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Our students discover and appreciate similarities and differences between countries and cultures, fostering mutual respect. Cross-cultural experiences enhance learners' abilities and confidence to navigate a complex world, equipping them with skills to  understand and act on issues of global significance.


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Our students develop the compass and personal agency to engage as citizens, expressing the values of a free, democratic society. By looking closely and exploring the complexities of systems, our students develop an increased sensitivity to representation, justice, and power.


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Our students are committed to the greater good, showing compassion, and recognizing the importance of community connection. Through service learning experiences, students make a difference, engaging in learning that matters to them, the community, and the world.


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Our students recognize that innovation springs from the ability to see the world as a series of malleable systems and make connections in new ways. Through design thinking, maker-centered learning experiences, and student-driven projects, our learners develop both mental flexibility and creative confidence.


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Our students engage with content in ways they learn best, as they pursue their passions and prepare for the future. At Virtual Campus, we reimagine teaching and leverage current technologies to create adaptive, flexible, and personalized learning environments for our students.